Vidam the Weird explores “Melancholia” at Rabbit Eye Movement, Vienna

May 03, 2018 – Jun 09, 2018Rabbit Eye Movement, Vienna

In his solo exhibition Melancholia, the Berlin based artist Vidam presents his latest body of work – and a remarkably different side of himself. Ever since we can remember, Vidam has been making us smile with his bright, colorful and humorous illustrations. It’s in his nature, considering the fact that “vidam” means happy in Hungarian. Melancholia breaks our habit by confronting us with collective questions regarding the complex times we are all living in: Are we the victims of excessive consumption and media overload? Are we like hamsters on a wheel? – After all, the inside of every hamster wheel resembles a career ladder.

Taking up these questions, Vidam dedicates his elaborated sceneries to the wide scope of melancholia. On large wooden panels, visitors encounter well-known companions like sloth, acedia, escapism and despair. Entangled figures represent classical interpretations as well as individual destinies. Melancholia is all about contemplation: Vidam invites to reflect inner struggles, but also to get lost in warm wooden structures and deep bright shades of blue. It’s a pleasure to discover the details, especially when they promise relief: Sol lucet omnibus – The sun shines on everybody. In the end, Vidam (still) means happy. In the course of his stay, Vidam painted a commissioned wholecar – the façade of Bahnfrei, a Viennese non-profit organization for street work and public youth work. The youth center consists of two railroad cars and is aiming at locally boosting the subculture. 

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