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Video: New York Launches New Program to Pay Artists in the City

Video: New York Launches New Program to Pay Artists in the City

“The City Artist Corps, the City Artist Corps is going to employ artists as part of the comeback in New York City. We’re investing $25 million to employ over 1,500 artists to help bring back arts and culture all over New York City. We’re going to hire artists, musicians, performers. They’re going to be out in communities doing public art, public performances, pop-up shows through the summer rising programs, so many different elements at the grassroots, creating murals, you name it. We want to give artists opportunity, and we want this city to feel the power of our cultural community again.” “Imagine open culture, streets, parks, D.O.T. plazas, and so many other public spaces across the city brought to life by this program and by the work that our artists have been doing. As the mayor said before, there is no equitable recovery of our city without investing in the cultural sector. When you invest in arts and culture, invest in the hospitality sector, the nightlife and entertainment sector, tourism and retail, you name it. In addition, not only as an economic engine, but it’s also the presence of arts and culture and community makes for safer, healthier and more cohesive communities. So we want to make sure that artists are at the core of this positive impact of our city. And we want to help them by putting funds in their pockets to do the amazing work they have been doing for decades. We’re still working through details on how this program will be implemented, and we’ll have more to say in the weeks ahead. But let’s be sure that this is not only going to be the summer of New York City it’s going to be the summer of arts.”

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