‘Who are the Ambigender Lovers ?’ by Anthea Missy

Painted on a bright sunny day of October 2017 past the red sun of London Hackney Wick, the artwork features lovers stuck in a corner on a tagged brick wall…

'Who are the Ambigender Lovers ?' by Anthea Missy

The theme of the mural is love and genders. 

We were all born with an identity defined by our physical gender. However internally we are so much more, and way more complex. Indeed, I believe that unity between lovers is not much about their physical gender ‘match’ but more about their internal psychic balance between yin female and yang male energies – both present in each of us.

Beyond appearances

Individuals express these energies with their acts and also with subtle things like body language and the way an individual takes position and role in a group, in a couple, or just solo. The boy is slightly feminine and the girl has larger shoulders than him, standing outside of the couple near the edge of the walkway. Contrary to what’s recommended as a good manners code of conduct for a gentleman walking his lady on the road side, she is the one standing outwards in the protector zone.

Her hair is tight and ordered, but her jacket shows off wild sign of animality. The boy is mesmerised just like girls usually are in classic pictures. Isn’t it true that usually couple are portrayed with a man standing at the front and a girl looking at him ?

Exploring subtleties of the Human Soul and Mind

'Who are the Ambigender Lovers ?' by Anthea MissyThose subtleties explore the way a woman can look feminine and still be ruled by an obvious male energy, while a man can also be that gentle creature on the inside who just needs care and protection of his sensitivity. Subtlety is also a personal choice to express more realistic differences and complexities, as human aspects are ever changing and never fixed or radical.

In appearances she is the girl and he is the boy, but the dynamics beyond the image are more complex and maybe easier to catch if you feel it, observe and listen to yourself and your ‘else’.

About Ambigender Lovers Screen print:

Da Da ! That’s my first screen print – Anthea Missy. I designed the Ambigender Lovers on wall in London Hackney Wick. Street Art is temporary but I have found my way to capture their romance forever and share it with you.

– Limited edition of 50,my first screen print original design by Anthea Missy
– 4 colours
– Fine art paper, Fabriano white Oldmill 250 gsm
– Numbered and signed at the front bottom right corner by the artist – ‘Anthea Missy’
– Hand Embellished with matching colours : white, navy blue, blue and bronze acrylic markers
– COA ( certificate of authenticity) delivered
– Made in Brussels with love together with Chromo Drome Screen Printing Atelier (thank you Vincent :))
– Worldwide shipping through regular post or DHL.
– Shipped from Brussels.

'Who are the Ambigender Lovers ?' by Anthea Missy

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Anthea Missy