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Why Arte Generali’s New App Is a Treat to Art Collectors

Why Arte Generali’s New App Is a Treat to Art Collectors

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May 27, 2020
Angie Kordic
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

In November 2019, an ad campaign shot by photographer Oliviero Toscani and featuring none other than Maurizio Cattelan himself launched Arte Generali, a new platform for art collectors from the insurance giant Generali. Seemingly in the nude, Cattelan is seen carrying a cardboard cutout of two of his famous artworks, the middle finger (also known as L.O.V.E., currently installed in front of the Milan Stock Exchange Building), and the gold toilet (also known as America, currently in an unknown location, since it has been stolen from an exhibition in Britain).

”Art insures creativity. Generali insures art” is the tagline of the ads, transmitting Arte Generali’s message of dedication to providing insurance solutions for art collectors. To engage its customers in an even more reliable digital experience, in May 2020 they released the Arte Generali app, offering a range of art-related services such as remote evaluation, concierge, and virtual collections. The users will also be able to connect to a network of like-minded art enthusiasts and expert from the Arte Generali family.

In times of a pandemic such as the very moment we live in, Arte Generali will also continue its long-standing support of the art community. Their aim is to award the best projects that contribute to the digitization of the art world and to support their implementation. The initiative is part of the emergency fund of Generali Deutschland of 30 million euros.

Who will be eligible for Arte Generali’s aid? What will their new app provide? How does remote evaluation of artworks work and who will be doing the evaluation? Of this and more, we talk to Jean Gazançon, Arte Generali’s CEO, in the latest edition of Widewalls podcast.

Have a listen below!

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App Arte Generali

Featured image: Arte Generali App screenshot; Jean Gazançon, CEO, Arte Generali. Images courtesy Arte Generali.

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